A client came into my office and said, “You are the fixer of broken spirits.

- Deanna Chvatal

Deanna uses her wisdom to council. She came into my my life at a time when I couldn't have needed her help more. I was fulfilling many roles; (mother, daughter), however I wasn't taking care of myself; I didn't know how to, and I am still learning the process. Deanna has taught me to dig down to my soul, to follow my gut and to start believing in myself. She has shared coping skills to use and taught me how to come up with my own.

- J.G.

With a kind and gentle approach, Deanna guides a person to honor and appreciate their authentic self with meditation, retreats, one-on-one therapy, and honesty. She helps you see and stretches you past your comfort zone to see your light in a safe environment.

- L.P.